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The New Green Republic

The New Green Republic

The New Green Republic explores the shape of building an ecological civilization. The New Green Republic examines a successful response to the self-destructive excesses of industrial civilization. It presents the development of a global ecological civilization as a healing response on a global scale for the successful pursuit of ecological ends.

This is a social order where economic growth means ecological improvement and the regeneration of natural capital. Ecological economic growth rests on the pursuit of sustainability aimed at a global convergence on sustainability and prosperity for all. It means trillions dollars of in investments in a sustainable future.

The New Green Republic examines crucial political, economic, technical, philosophical dynamics of an ecological civilization, a civilization we must build as we travel from industrial business as usual to a sustainable prosperity.

The New Green Republic considers the nature and basis of such a system where the pursuit of social and ecological justice is integral to its success, and where fiduciary responsibility means both the regeneration of natural capital and the growth of finance capital.

The New Green Republic will examine valuing and monetizing sustainability for its essential worth and prod for ecological economic growth. Sustainability Credits (SCs) will be created by the displacement by renewables of one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions valued by the National Academy of Sciences at $100. SCs will be monetized on the books of investment banks as paid in capital and as cash. We will see how SCs can generate the $50 trillion estimated by Morgan Chace needed to finance investment in global renewable energy transformation from 2020 to 2050.

The New Green Republic recognizes that sustainability as self-conscious human intention is now part of the fundamental co-evolutionary dynamic of sustainability. Sustainability in action means life in response to all influences evolves to help maintain the biosphere as maximally suitable for all life. This is a virtuous circle of coevolutionary call and response. As the ecosphere changes, life changes, and on and on. This basic dynamic has enabled life to survive periodic mass extinction and once again thrive.

A Green Republic rests on three key pillars. First, sustainable global economic growth as the regeneration of natural capital along with the growth of finance capital. Second, the pursuit of social and ecological justice that includes global technology and capital transfer from rich to poor for investment in the renewable energy and sustainability infrastructure. Third, the continued and successful transformation of a global war system to a peace system supported by the global pursuit of social and ecological justice and a global ecological growth strategy.

History and future prospects did not end with the triumph of liberal corporate capitalism over Soviet communism. The challenge of the 21st century and beyond is building a global ecological civilization from industrial business as usual. A Green Republic is a venue for such grand transformation. The book is intended to inspire discussion and action.